Редактирование аудиотуров

Find quick answers to questions for editing manual upload vs MLS downloaded listings, and closed-captioning.

Where do I Edit My Audio Tours?

Edit your Audio Tours in My Audio Tours, select the listing, under Action click on the More buttons (...) and select Edit Audio Tour.

Note: You will only see Edit Audio Tour for manually uploaded listings. For MLS listings you will need to edit details, descriptions and photos in your MLS. Then regenerate the audio tour on your DO AudioTours dashboard if you wish.

To regenerate an audio tour MLS upload or Manual upload, under Actions select Regenerate Audio and a new audio tour will be created. Once completed, you will receive an email in your inbox.

Why do some listing have additional functions than others?

With listing that upload through your MLS you have the options to Publish or Unpublish,  Regenerate Your audio tour and select new languages.

Any changes to your photo, details or description will need to changed in your MLS.

In manual upload listings you have the ability to Edit your listing details and description, add, delete or re-arrange your photos; Publish or Unpublish your Audio Tour; Regenerate your audio tour and Select new languages.

Can I rearrange my photos that come from the MLS? 

Not currently, all listing property photos that come from the MLS are placed in the order they are uploaded by you into the MLS.   Only manual uploads can be re-arranged by clicking on the more button (...) and click on Edit & Re-order.

Can I add additional photos to my listing?

You cannot input additional photos into your account with an MLS property listing. You would need to enter that photo into your MLS and any updates will transfer to your audio tour. Be sure to place the photo in the MLS in the order you want so it transfer into your Audio Tour correctly.

You can add additional photos in the manual upload by clicking on the more buttons under Actions and select Edit Audio Tour.

Can I edit my AI Audio?

Yes, you can edit your audio for MLS and Manually Uploaded listings. From your dashboard identify the listing and under Actions select the more buttons and select Regenerate Audio.  DO AudioTours will create a new audio tour and send you an email in your inbox once complete.