How To View, Share and Edit Your Manual Upload AI Audio Tour Showcase

In this step-by-step tutorial, we are going to show you how to view, edit, and share your AI Audio Tours you manually uploaded.

Go to My Audio Tours 

In each manual uploaded listing you can:

  • Edit Audio Tour – Re-generate and update your AI audio.
  • View Showcase – View Listing Display Showcase and playback the audio tour you created. This view is what the public sees.
  • Share – Displays a share menu and URL links to send to your social media and marketing platform and unbranded link for the MLS, plus a QR code to download for brochures, postcards, etc.
  • Edit & Re-order – Edit your property input sheet, re-order your photos and add more photos.
  • Delete – Delete your listing

Tip: After your AI audio tour has been created, click on View Showcase to review your AudioTours in case you want to make edits before sharing.

View Showcase

From My Audio Tours hover over a listing.

To listen and view the audio tour you created, click on the More buttons (three dots) and select View Showcase. This will open up in a new tab.

Click on the play button to hear your audio.  The showcase is what the public sees when you share. They can select the play button and hear your audio tour, select another language that will instantly translate the audio, close-captioning, and the remainder of the listing display page which includes the property description and details, property location, the agent contact information and the lead generating/ inquiry contact card.  The public can also share this audio tour with family and friends.

If you are happy with the Showcase, and you want to share , click on the My Audio Tour in your dashboard and select the Share icon on your listing.  Want to make some changes?  See the Edit instructions further below.

Share Audio Tour Showcase

Go to My AudioTours Section of your Dashboard and hover over your listing.

Click on your listings Share icon as shown below.

A Share Audio Tour Menu appears. You can link directly into the social icons or you can copy the Branded Viewing Link and share with your social and marketing platforms.  You can download the QR for print marketing like brochures, postcards, and sign magnets.

Edit AI Audio Tour Showcase

Update details and description and add, delete and re-order photos.

In My Audio Tours Select your listing, Click on the More buttons (3 dots), and select Edit & Re-order.

From here you can edit your listing details, re-order your Showcase Photos by selecting the four bars to the left of the pictures and moving them up and down with your cursor. You can delete photos and you can add photos. Click on Save Updates when complete. Your audio tour showcase will now be updated with your changes.

Edit and Re-generate AI Audio

In My Audio Tours hover over your listing Click on the More buttons (3 dots) and select Edit Audio Tour

Your photo gallery will open up. Select the first picture with the headphone icon.

Your recording page will appear. Click on Delete and click OK when asked if you are sure you want to delete this recording and close out of the recording page.

Your gallery of photos will appear and click on Generate Audio Tour. A new AI Audio Tour will generate (may take up to 5 minutes to regenerate).

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