How To Upload A Manual Listing and Create an AI Audio Tour

To manually upload a property listing sign in to your account at

If you do not have an account click on Create Account  (Visit our How To Create An Account Article for step by step instructions).

You will be taken to your default dashboard page New Audio Tour.

Step 1. In the upper right click the +Add New Listing button as shown.

Step 2. Select Your Property Category Occupancy Type and Property Type.

Step 3.  Complete the Listing Detail page. Note you can add two additional links at the end that will be added to your Showcase Display Page. Click Next

Step 4. Upload your listing photos or drag and drop to space. Arrange your photos in the order you would like them to appear in your your audio tour. Click on Save Listing Details

Step 5. You will be taken back to your photo gallery, Click on Generate Audio Tour to create an AI Generated Auto Tour based off of your property description and details.

AI Generated Property Audio Tour

When selecting Generate Audio Tour you will see a message with a estimated Time of processing, and you can navigate away the page. You will receive an email with a preview of your property audio tour once the audio tour is complete ( as shown). Click on the listing and it will open up into your property listing showcase to preview.   From the email you can share on your social media immediately or you can go back into your dashboard and under My Audio Tour hover over the listing and share by clicking on the share icon.  

When you click on the listing in your email it opens into your audio tour Showcase. This is also what the public sees when you share your audio tour showcaseThe public can play the audio, select or unselect the close-caption, select up to 20 languages to listen to in another language. In addition they can review the listing description and details, links to additional videos the agent has added, the location of the property, the agent contact information and lead generating/inquiry form. Note: when a person selects another language the entire listing display page will translate instantly.

To share your audio tour showcase display page, go into your Dashboard, select My AudioTours, and select the share icon   and a Share Tray will appear. From here you can share with your social media, and email. Copy your link for other marketing platforms, and download the QR Code for brochures, flyers, newsletters, sign magnets and other print materials.

Should you have any questions or issues contact us at

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