How To Upload a Manual Listing and Create an AI Audio Tour

In this step-by-step tutorial, we are going to show you how to manually upload a property listing and generate an AI Audio Tour.

To manually upload a property listing sign in to your account at

You will be taken to your default dashboard page My AudioTours


Step 1

In the upper right click the Add New button.

Step 2

Select Create Audio Tour

Step 3

Choose Type of Listing - For Sale or For Rent

Step 4

Complete the Listing Detail page. The red asterisk are required fields. ­­­­Note you can add two additional links at the end that will be added to your Showcase Display Page. Click Continue

Step 5

Upload or drag and drop your photos and click Continue when complete.

Step 6

Arrange your photos in the order you would like them to appear in your audio tour. Click on Generate Audio Tour

You will be taken back to the My Audio Tours page. Notice that your listing is now in the processing page. You will receive an email once the audio tour is complete.  You will also notice under Showcase it only says Preview.  You can click on preview and see your listing showcase; however, the audio is still being processed and will not appear in your showcase until the audio tour has been created. Once created you notice your Status turns to Published and under the heading Showcase Page you will now see the Share button. Click on the Share button and a Share Tray appears to share your listings.

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To edit your – see How To Edit a Manually Uploaded Listing.