How To Select New Languages For Audio Tour Translations

We now have 57 languages in our Audio Language Settings. For ease of the buyer’s navigation, we limited the number of the languages shown, and we have pre-selected languages for you; however, you may change these languages at any time.

To change the languages for your audio tours go to and log in to your account.


You have two options to go into your settings to update your language selection. One option is to go into your profile in the upper right and select Account Settings, and select Audio Language Settings.

The other option is go to one of your listings on the My Audio Tours page and under Actions, click the more buttons and click on Language Settings. Either selection will take you into your account setting tab of Audio Language Settings.


Your Audio Language Setting is where you will manage your language settings for your Audio Tours.

To change your languages, you must first deselect the language you do not want and then select a new language.  Do this for all the new languages you would like to add. First deselect a language you do not want and select a new language. Then click on SAVE. Now all future audio tours will translate into your selected languages.

Please note that any original audio tours created with the preset languages will remain in those languages.

To feature those listings in all the new languages you selected, go to your My Audio Tours page, select each listing you want to have your new languages translated in to. Under Actions click on the more buttons and and click on Regenerate Audio. Now those original listings will translate into the new languages you selected.  You will receive emails from DO Audio Tours when your new audio tours are ready.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please email us at