How To Create an Account and Try For Free

AudioTours is an audio tool to amplify real estate listing photos with a Spotify-like experience!  This tool instantly creates an AI-generated audio tour on your MLS and manually uploaded property listings.   All audio tours feature multi-language selections and closed-captioning, and easily shared on social and marketing platforms It’s a way to build your brand, drive engagement on your listings and bring a home’s story to life.

To create an account and Start For Free go to:

This is our Audio Tour landing page where you will find additional information about DO AudioTours™, and where you Start Your Free Trial.

To create an account and Start For Free, click on Start For Free as shown.

On the Create an Account Page Fill in your

  • Name
  • Your email that you use for your MLS
  • Create a 8 character password
  • Confirm password,
  • Be sure to Click on Agree to Terms and Create Account as shown below.

A message will pop up for you to verify your email.

  • Go into your email and open the email from DO AudioTours™ with the subject Verify Email Address. If you don’t see an email, check your SPAM or Trash folder.
  • Open your email from DO AudioTours™ and within the email Click on Verify Email,

Once clicked  it takes you immediately into your Account Setting  Welcoming you to get started and complete your account details.

In your account setting edit your:

Branding Details

  • Upload your photo and company logo
  • Edit your information - Note you cannot edit your Login/MLS Email
  • Phone number is where the call will go when a lead contacts you via the phone contact option when your share your audio tour.
  • Select your Company Role

Affiliations select the organization you are associated with to unlock exclusive deals where available:

  • Your Company Brand - Don't see you company firm or name, select Other
  • MLS
  • State or Local Association
  • Title Company

Under System Details set your preferences for the DO Audio Tours portal.

  • Preferred Interface Language - select your language
  • Lead Recipient Email Address - this is where the email will go when a lead sends you an contact email when you share your audio tour.
  • Change Password

When you have completed REMEMBER to Click on Save Changes as shown below.

Your DO Audio Tours Dashboard

New Audio Tours – Is the default page when signing into your account and where you navigate to other areas.  This is also where all your listings without recordings appear; where you add manual listings and manage your profile in account settings.

Additional Areas in Your Account

Account  Profile – Is where you can edit your profile, see your subscription, change password, and sign out.

+Add New Listing - Manually upload listings

My Audio Tours – This where you will find all your recorded audio tours, including your new active listings created with with AI automation. From here you can edit/view showcase and share your audio tours.

Hmmm, You Have Active Listing, but not seeing them.

DO AudioTours™ listings come from ListHub. Make sure your Broker has:

    1. An account with Listhub
    2. Selected DirectOffer as a publisher
    3. Invited Agents to ListHub

Help/Support – This will take you to our support center with resources to assist you with your set up and  Audio Tours. Need to get in touch right away. Click on the icon to contact us directly.

Should you have any questions or issues contact us at

Next, follow the How To Create an Audio Tour tutorial which will guide you in the a step-by-step process to get you started!