Sharing My Audio Tour

Sharing your audio tour to your social media and marketing platforms

What is a Showcase

Showcase is what we call your recorded audio page to share with the public. It features a listing display page with your AI-generated audio tour or your custom audio tour with closed-captioning and language translation options, a description and details of the property, a property location map, agent contact information, and a lead generating/inquiry form. When a person selects another language, the entire listing display page also translates into the selected language.


View your Showcase, under Edit, prior to sharing to make sure you are happy with your recordings.

Where do I go to share my audio tour?

In My Audio Tours hover over the listing you would like to share and click on the share icon,

, a share tray will open for you to share with your social media, copy the link, or download the QR code.

What if I have global clients where English is not their first language.

Within the play bar there is a Select Language drop-down. The language selection will translate both the closed-captioning and the audio along with the entire listing display page.

Where can I share my audio tour

In My Audio Tours hover over your listing and select the Share icon. From there you can share through the social menu, copy your link and share, copy the MLS share link which un-brands your information, and a QR Code to create brochures, sign magnets, etc.

Where does the QR code go?

Your QR Code links to your property Showcase

Can I put my audio tour into my MLS?

Yes in your share menu of the property copy the Un-branded MLS link into your MLS listing. You would add your audio tour where you add a video, 3D photos, etc.

Is DO AudioTours ADA compliant?

Yes, this tool delivers ADA friendly components with an audio description plus closed captioning, and multi-language support.

What happens to the link when my listing closes?

You can Unpublish your listing under Edits or leave it Published. Check with your broker or office manager regarding any rules or regulations for Sold properties.

What happens to the link if my listing expires?

You can unpublish your listing under Edits