DO AudioTours™ Dashboard

Questions on navigating through your DO AudioTours™ account.

What is New Audio Tour?

New Audio Tour is your default dashboard page and it is where all your  listings without audio  tours are stored to begin recording. This is also where you would enter manual listings. From this page you can navigate to your account settings in your Profile, My Audio Tours and Need Help sections.

What is My Audio Tours?

My Audio Tours is where all your recorded Audio Tours are stored, included your new active listings with AI-generated audio tours.  You may edit, view your Showcase and Share from here. It holds all your Actives, Pending and Sold Listings with audio.

What is Need Help? 

The Need Help Button takes you into our Knowledge Center featuring step-by-step tutorials and videos on setting your accounts; creating, editing and sharing your audio tours; assisting Brokers with ListHub, and tips and best practices.

How will I see my listings? 

Listings are published through ListHub.  For your listings to appear automatically in AudioTours™, your company broker must have an account with ListHub and have DirectOffer selected as a publisher. To turn on DirectOffer’s AudioTours in ListHub, have your company broker follow these instructions

Will I see all my listings, active pending and sold?

No, you will only see your Active listing.  Once you have recorded your Audio Tour and your listing goes to pending or sold, your Audio Tour will remain in the My Audio Tours portion of your account.

What if I do not have an active listing?

DO AudioTours™ will notify you with an AI generated Audio Tour once you have a new listing or you can manually upload any non-qualify MLS listings such as rentals, commercial, etc.

What if my listing is not in the MLS?

You can upload a property listing into your account by manually uploading your listing. Follow these instructions.

What if I don’t see my listings?

You may not have a current listing, or your broker may not have an account with ListHub, or selected DirectOffer as a publisher.  To turn on DirectOffer’s AudioTours in ListHub, have your company broker follow these instructions

If your broker has done all this and you still do not see your listings